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As a precursor to what is certainly going to be an very insightful and at times heated 11th Aegis Media Thought Leadership Digibate due to be live audio-streamed tomorrow (Thursday, 7th November) at 10h00 central African time via we asked Frank Krikhaar, Head of CSR Aegis Media what he thought about marketers future proofing not only their own businesses but that of their clients as well.

A bit more about the Digibate – Why marketers need to Future Proof Africa

Few businesses have made sustainability a core part of their strategy, some are doing the minimum for compliance sake, the majority are on a carry on a “business as usual” path without stopping to question their negative impacts on society or the environment, let alone looking at the full life cycle of their brands.

How many of us in the industry actually know what sustainability or future proofing is? Yes we have all heard and  experienced the scare tactics out there, but do we really know what to do and how to do it. Surely communications is key to this?

The 11th Aegis Media Thought Leadership Digibate will be  live audio-streamed on on 7th November 2013 @ 10h00 central African time – post the live stream the edited podcasts will be made available for global sharing at no cost.

The panel will share insights and debate the following key issues; 

  • If we are to Future Proof Africa, we need a sustainability Revolution. What role does communication play in this?
  • What are some of these unexpected consequences and what are the risks to companies either embracing transparency and authenticity as a communication strategy or ignoring it at their own peril?
  • Do we actually need a new word for sustainability? Should that word be Future Proof?
  • What role can African businesses play to Future Proof Africa and ensure Africa can deliver Enough, For All, Forever.
  • Is business keeping up with this shift in consciousness and are they doing enough to educate and communicate sustainability to an aspirational and demanding Africa?
  • Is the marketing and advertising sector guilty of not future-proofing their own or their clients businesses by not seeing the major marketing opportunities of embracing true sustainability? What should advertising agencies be doing to change this?
  • What examples of Future Proofing in Africa can you give us, and what are the benefits not only for African Business but for Africa as a whole?

 The Digibate panel is Dawn Rowlands, CEO Aegis Media SSA; Kevin James, Founder – Global Carbon Exchange; Deon Roberttze, Founder – The Change Agent; Mike Freedman, Partner – FreidThinkers  and Chris Loker – Strategist,  & Entrepreneur.

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