The difference of marketing directly to consumers and then business to business |#Marketing | #KevinBritz | Craig Page-Lee |#Podcast |#ebizradio


Is there a difference when you market directly to CONSUMERS or to BUSINESSES? Surely at the end of the day you are marketing to people?

Lunchtime with Kevin host Kevin Britz connects with Marketing Specialist Craig Page-Lee and they systematically go through the differences of marketing to consumers and then business to business marketing and how this particular segment of B2B marketing has been affected by the Covid pandemic

Just ask Linda! |#LTC |#Coaching |#Kevinbritz | Linda Dent |#ebizradio |#Podcast


We are all looking for a new way to do things. Many are even looking at new careers and businesses. If you are feeling like you are taking strain then JUST ASK LINDA.

Having a positive mindset and a ”GLEE PHILOSOPHY” will help you get to where you need to be. Lunchtime with Kevin, host Kevin Britz connects with Linda Dent and they take you through some positive and actionable things you can do to get going and plan and execute your new path forward……as we say JUST ASK LINDA.

Lunchtime with Kevin – #LTC – Kevin Britz & Linda Dent

Lets find out about The African Coaching Council |#Coaching |#Leadership |#Kevinbritz | Sophie Bruas


Coaching and the way we lead in Africa is different from the rest of the world. Today we find out more about the African Coaching Council and the upcoming Coaching Convention 3rd March, 24th March, 14th April 2021.

The one thing that Africans are absolute specialist in is RESILIENCE and we can certainly teach global leaders and coaches something about it. Simultaneously we can learn from other continents about how they do things. Culture plays a huge part in the way we do things in Africa and its time we re framed the Blueprint of what works elsewhere and re-write what works on this continent.

Lunchtime with Kevin, host Kevin Britz is joined by Sophie Bruas, head of the African Coaching Council

WHY LEADERSHIP IN A PARTNERSHIP? | #LTL | #Leadership | #Kevinbritz | Naomi Basson | #ebizradio| #Podcast


You are leading your business and your staff, but having your life-partner on the same page as you is vitally important to all round success.

Lunchtime with Kevin, host Kevin Britz and his co-host for the Monday Leadership show, Naomi Basson discuss why having your life partner on board and with you in your leadership journey is so vitally important.

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