Insights on Data 8: Actionable Intelligence and how it’s the core of Data today|#eBizInsights | Sean Raubenheimer of Atvance Intellect| Podcast


A new guest for our Podcast series with Atvance Intellect, today we are joined by Sean Raubenheimer, the GM of the Analytics Divison of Atvance intellect…

For this recording, we approach the topic of how Data is turned into something that a company can act upon to achieve desired results. It is this distillation process that sets data companies apart….
We profile how in general as well for Atvance the data is transformed, we also highlight how this process of distillation has changed over time to incorporate so many more data inputs that previously used as we embrace the age of Data.

A fascinating discussion, enjoy.

How to make your brand stand out in a pandemic |#Opinion |#Podcast|#Redzone Channel


With a never ending lockdown and the uncertainty of the future, brands have had to adapt to an unknown situation extremely quickly.

It is essential for brands to get their message and purpose across to their consumers, however, during a time of digital clutter, how can you make your brand stand out?

We joined Financial Mail Redzone with Arye Kellman – Chief Creative at Tilt as we investigate ways you can start to cut through the COVID-19 brand communications clutter. Joining in the conversation are; Kelly Fung – Head of Editorial – Superbalist; Linda Appie – Head of Marketing – Thyme Bank; Sariko Modi – Managing Director – Triple Eight and Karyn Strybos – Marketing Manager – Everlytic

Event hosted by Arena Events

Synthesis ‘taps’ into the future of payments | #eBizWires


Synthesis launches Halo – the secure, instant, contactless payment solution set to enable all businesses.

Synthesis, an innovative software development and consulting company has launched ‘Halo’, becoming the first official Tap on Phone technology provider in Africa. In collaboration with Nedbank, the Tap on Phone solution was unveiled on the 30th of June.

Halo is a radical advancement in mobile payments that enables secure contactless card payment acceptance on any Android device. The technology is termed ‘Tap on Phone’ due to the way in which a payment card is tapped on a mobile device or phone. It is used by a business or a merchant to ‘receive’ a payment. “Think of ‘Tap on Phone’ as a substitute for traditional POS terminals just without the extra hardware only a mobile device is required,” says Pierre Aurel, Product Manager at Synthesis. This payment innovation should not be confused with mobile wallets (like Samsung, Google, Garmin or Apple Pay) that have been around for a few years. These wallets make use of Host Card Emulation (HCE) where the phone essentially acts as a contactless card and is used by a customer to ‘make’ a payment. In fact Halo is the inverse technology of a mobile wallet – putting simplicity into the hands of small and medium business owners to accept a card payment.

Aurel adds that, “We see Tap on Phone playing a significant role in the future of mobile payments due to its speed, convenience and enhanced security. The technology has immense potential for small and micro merchants as it will allow them to accept card payments and enter the digital payment ecosystem without incurring any upfront costs for expensive POS terminals. Additionally, this technology reduces the reliance on cash and reduces any physical contact during the payment process.”

The technology arrives at a time where hygiene and reduced physical contact are paramount to society. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless payments due to the safe interaction when paying since the card does not leave the cardholder’s hand. Mastercard has reported a significant rise in adoption of contactless payments since the start of COVID-19 and this trend will continue as more people enjoy the speed and convenience of contactless.

Halo will also boost financial inclusion for small businesses and micro-merchants. “Just think about the benefit to informal traders who could not previously accept debit or credit cards simply because they didn’t have POS terminals. Now they can easily and securely accept payments that are verified online in real-time,” says Aurel.

Being able to process card payments using only a mobile App will liberate the appropriate merchants from point-of-sale (POS) devices as well as removing the requirement for installing fixed telephone/data lines before they can start trading.

Synthesis has developed the Halo software kernel that has been Certified according to EMV Level 2 standards for both Mastercard and VISA. Halo has achieved the same certification as traditional POS terminals and is more secure than other QR based payment methods.

The technology may be embedded in other payment applications from 3rd party developers by making use of the Halo Software Development Kit. It is compatible for any NFC-enabled device running Android 7 and above.

Synthesis is proud to pioneer a new era for payments as contactless becomes the preferred payment option for customers and merchants.

Pockets of opportunity can always be found in adversity | #eBizWires | Neo Mtshatsheni


Despite the pandemic holding many hostage in their homes, South Africans have continued to find innovative ways to have their voices heard and to show off their skills through, for example, gaming or content creation. From a channel perspective, digital was always going to reap more benefit from this audience and the lockdown period has certainly affirmed this especially in the eSports category and on social media.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook Live have certainly proved their worth over the past few months. Moving away from posting images of themselves enjoying a meal at the coolest, trendiest restaurant or spotting their latest pair of jeans, sneakers or sunglasses, South Africa’s youth have used these platforms to engage on issues ranging from racism, GBV, etc.

IGTV (Instagram TV) saw its first Instavella created by Ayanda Mkayi which depicts the lives of individuals living in an apartment block in Johannesburg during the national lockdown, with all scenes shot individually from the actors’ homes. Shooting ads and general TV production during lockdown was prohibited and now despite the extensive safety measures that are put in place, production still falls victim to the invisible COVID-19 enemy halting production. But fresh, relatable content remains key and as there is a growing need for local content, IGTV soapies are something to look out for!

On the eSports front, South Africa may not compare to its global counterparts in terms of the sheer size of active gamers but the interest and gaming community numbers are increasing steadily and will continue to do so. For every mobile device in hand lies a gamer and current stats show that 71% of connected South Africans play games exclusively from their mobile device. And for a category that is usually perceived to be predominantly male, 63% of them are women aged 30 and 50% of them are older than 34yrs and are using the platform as a means to escape their everyday lives. There are also many that play competitively against their male counterparts.

Console owners also provide a sizable opportunity for marketers with 53.8% of households having children that go to school, 39% are 35-49yrs and 25% are 24-34yrs. This audience might have a male skew but paired with the mobile universe it most certainly delivers numbers and diversity.

Most importantly, right now in South Africa mobile gaming is probably also the easiest way to buy media and get your brand in front of eyes. The growth in this category has been exponential compared to general entertainment, the global e-sports industry has been growing at a rate of 30% YOY and the PC gaming market is set to be worth 45.5 billion USD (788.1 billion ZAR) in 2021! The global box office which generated revenue to the tune of 41.7 billion USD (722.2 billion ZAR) in 2008 and the gaming market generated 151.2 billion USD (2.6 trillion ZAR). With fewer eyeballs available for live sports and more time indoors this category is certainly one that cannot be ignored.

As marketers, the ever-changing landscape and demographic we are constantly challenged to not only look for meaningful insights but re-evaluating the norm as the bar continues to be set high and the only constant throughout being change.

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