FoxP2’s Creativity Sells At 2017 Loerie Awards | #eBizWires


Giving sight to the blind is a miracle of modern medicine, but telling the story of a blind persons journey through images and words is a creative talent beyond awards.

FoxP2’s distinctive brand of effective creativity continues to build momentum as the agency was recognized with another Gold Loerie Effectiveness Award this year, this time for its Integrated Grand Prix “Open Eyes” campaign for longstanding client Ster-Kinekor.

It continues the trend of FoxP2’s creatively awarded campaigns being their most effective. FoxP2’s Grand Prix winning campaign for in 2013 won Apex Effectiveness gold, its multi-awarded Drive Dry “Papa Wag Via Jou” campaign won two Apex awards, its Loerie gold-winning “Some Things Should Only Be Experienced On The Big Screen” won both Apex and Loerie Effectiveness gold, while its recent Garagista “Anti-Hipster” campaign was recognized with both Loerie Effectiveness and Apex Awards.

These results bear testament to FoxP2’s long-held view that creativity is a crucial business tool no marketer can afford to do without. And they’re not the only ones, as more and more research is done on the business results creativity can deliver. Stats show that creative award-winning ads generate roughly 50% more market share growth than ads that do not win industry awards (Van Dyck, Advertising Transformed: The New Rules for the Digital Age) while creative advertising is associated with comparatively more earned media coverage, a larger amount of buzz and consumer word-of-mouth advertising. (Goldenberg, Mazrsky & Solomon, University of Jerusalem).

Andrew Warner, vice-president of marketing at employment website Monster, and a former marketing chief at Expedia understands the nervousness that exists in the minds of marketers, who are trying to look good in front of their bosses. “They would rather win effectiveness and not creative awards, which can be seen to carry an element of risk,” he says. “But if an idea is not brave or does not grab attention, how can it be effective?”

Mediocrity then is the riskier option and a marketer’s only exposure to an uncertain long shot is to not develop a powerful insight-driven creative idea. So, FoxP2 will continually work to push the bar for the kind of courageous creativity that’ll result in better recall and be more predictable in its effectiveness. FoxP2’s successful Trust Is Earned campaign for Coronation Fund Managers recorded the highest recognition and liking scores in the South African financial services arena.

Ailing and out of favour Bell Lager achieved 93% brand awareness amongst consumers. Captain Morgan recorded the biggest jump on ‘distinctiveness’ scores for the brand with strongest equity scores in target market of 31.7%, and a 5% market share growth in a declining category.

Garagista, the craft beer aimed at hipsters who want things inaccessible to the masses, had only R10,000 to spend on paid media, but achieved an online reach of 79,944,143 and the Drive Dry campaign, for Brand House, gathered R16 million in earned media – proving again that highly creative campaigns are more reliable investments..


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