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Recognizing that women need and want more between the sheets – Lamelle Research Laboratories has launched Lady Prelox – a natural over the counter health supplement which puts women in the mood and supports comfort, confidence, sensuality and satisfaction.

For many women the intimacy they share with their partner is impacted by stress, exhaustion, poor eating and of course the natural process of ageing. While it’s completely normal that a woman’s body will change over time (particularly if she has had children), it can complicate matters in the bedroom. How a woman feels about her body can also impact intimacy and not necessarily in a good way. The knock on effect for many is a lack of confidence, satisfaction and intimacy.Print

Although the reasons for this unsatisfactory state of affairs are varied and can be highly complex, they are not limited to those in their golden years. Even women in their late 30s are feeling the effects of these completely normal issues on their sensuality. So although woman of different ages have different needs – intimacy remains a constant and an important component of emotional connection. Most people acknowledge it’s a significant part of their overall wellbeing.

The widely held opinion for many women is there are just no available treatment options to address these bedroom “shortcomings” – but thanks to advances in science, women need not be left high and dry when it comes to their sensuality. The patented Lady Prelox formulae can provide solutions and support for different issues experienced by pre- peri- and post-menopausal women.

So from being over stressed at the office, or over tired with a baby that disturbs both the quantity and quality of sleep, to feeling overweight and overwhelmed;  there are times in life when women may feel a lack of control, comfort and confidence.  With Lady Prelox, feeling confidently sexy about intimate encounters with a loving partner could become the new normal for women battling in the bedroom.

Available from leading pharmacies and health shops nationwide, it can also be ordered online from lamelle.co.za. The RSP for a month’s supply of 60 tablets is R495. Two capsules are taken a day – preferably with a meal. They are gluten free and suitable for vegans.

For further information on Lady Prelox visit www.Lamelle.co.za or find us on Facebook.

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