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IT service management company EOH has announced it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). EOH has achieved the APN Standard Consulting Partner status by meeting AWS’s exacting standards.

The APN Standard Consulting Partner status has been awarded to EOH based on the company receiving certified training and rolling out a number of successful implementations. Providing a fully managed service, while applying the AWS Well-Architected Framework, EOH is now firmly placed to provide an end-to-end AWS experience on top of its cloud solutions. The AWS Well-Architected Framework includes strategies to compare workloads against best practices and guidance to produce stable and efficient systems so companies can focus on functional requirements.

“The very nature of solutions like AWS is to offer an abundance of options. AWS released 1017 new features in 2016 alone. Unless a company is an AWS expert or has the time to truly understand all the powerful offerings it has available, most businesses are not leveraging the benefits offered by the constant innovation from AWS,” says Richard Vester, Group Executive at the Cloud Services division of EOH.

Through this certification, EOH has extended its managed public offerings to provide expertise that allows companies to receive the full benefits of AWS. The company provides the planning, architecting and implementation of migrations as well as specific AWS projects. Through EOH’s cloud division, customers can now benefit from full integration, testing, monitoring, management and automation of the cloud platform, with EOH fine-tuning the environment to get the best possible return on investment.

“Enerweb, for example, needed a system to provide key performance indicators (KPIs) from its Oracle databases. Its remote location and database licensing challenges resulted in EOH providing a solution that allows for significant cost savings. Using the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) instances, we were able to lower Enerweb’s total cost of ownership compared to buying licenses upfront, and rightsizing the development environment realised significant savings on the forecasted budget,” Vester says.

“Similarly, TCD Global needed a highly secure platform in order to store and process sensitive information, but was unable to meet regulatory requirements in its own datacentre. Using AWS, we helped the company pass its audit with flying colours while providing saving significant costs as a result of there being no need for any infrastructure investment on the part of TCD Global.”

“This certification, together with EOH’s expertise and consulting expertise, ensures that we can deliver business value, and continually improve the customer’s processes to guarantee cost savings and efficiencies,” Vester continues.

The AWS APN Standard Consulting Partner status is the latest addition to EOH’s extensive certifications and competencies. The company provides cloud capabilities and expertise in South Africa, helping customers to design, build and release applications rapidly. Providing deep insight into the cloud and its capabilities, EOH delivers applications that are scalable and flexible without compromising on quality.

“Our DevOps culture makes it easy to overcome difficult release cycles and the associated downtime and risk. With multiple offerings and tools available on the cloud and by leveraging continuous release cycles through highly modularised micro service architectures, we help customers update their applications continuously and without impact to their customers,” Vester says.

In addition, EOH offers its customers a single pain of glass for multi-cloud provisioning, providing a valuable resource for the management and governance of private, hybrid and public cloud resources such as AWS. “Our Cloud Bolt solution provides a single, convenient portal through which customers can manage all of their cloud resources,” Vester concludes.


Listed in 1998, EOH offers consulting, technology and outsourcing services through 134 local and international businesses grouped into five specialist divisions. By applying superior technology, knowledge, skills and expertise EOH empowers customers to optimise the performance of their business and their communities.

Cloud Services, a division of EOH, provides flexibility and agility to meet changing business requirements and to reduce complexity to optimise infrastructure.

For more information visit: www.eohcloud.co.za

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