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In the age of conscious consumerism, ‘eco-friendly’ seems to be a juicy marketing buzzword. However, with Cape Town’s recent drought and proposed new water by-laws – which will heavily restrict the volumes of water flow of showers and tap – the reality is that being ‘eco-smart’ has become imperative in saving a precious resource and complying to future regulations.

A recent  article not only indicated that other Municipalities across the country would most likely follow suit, but that the onus will be on home owners and installers to ensure the showers and taps are compliant with the new regulations. Plumbers not adhering to the by-laws could, for example, lose their license and property owners fined for excessive water usage. What the commentary also alludes to is that selecting good quality, affordable bathroom and kitchen products is key as technology is essential in ensuring an eco-friendly system that not only works efficiently but also lasts.

“If you’ve ever had a shower with weak water pressure, you’ll have discovered that eco-friendly doesn’t always mean a great experience,” says David Cooper, MD Hansgrohe South Africa.

“Products that simply aerate the water, conserve water while creating the illusion of a higher flow of water. However, if the water pressure is low, the system does not work effectively, compromising on the quality and functionality.”

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This is one example of where Research & Development in sustainable solutions plays a critical role, ensuring that sustainability and functionality work together in harmony. This is why the organisation invests heavily in Research & Development and is the reason why it holds hundreds of patents that are rated highly across the world. Technology is key in delivering the best all round solution. One that meets water saving objectives and adheres to proposed legislation while providing a superior experience.

Water saving is a key goal for the company, which is why all hansgrohe basin mixers come out standard EcoSmart and majority of shower heads have an Eco alternative using technology such as the precision O-ring which reacts flexibly to the water pressure and adjusts the water quantity. If the pressure is high, the ring makes the opening smaller. If it is low, it expands the opening. The range saves a whopping 60% on water consumption. The Crometta 85 Green overhead and hand showers, for example, use less than six litres of water per minute, no matter how strong the water pressure is. The basin mixers can also reduce water consumption from 13 litres of water per minute to five litres of water per minute. The non-contact mixers with infrared-sensing electronics offer innovative solutions in that they ensure that water only flows when you need it.

“There is no need to downgrade efficacy for the sake of efficiency,” says Cooper, “Sustainability and functionality are not mutually exclusive.”

As a company that works to remain a leader in innovation, quality and design in the bath and kitchen industry, hansgrohe – now over a century old – was responsible for the first hand-held shower with multiple spray types and the first pull-out kitchen tap. Since 1974, the group has won more than 500 design awards, with sustainable production of resource-conserving products central to its business activities across the world. In the International Forum Design of the best companies in the world for design, the Hansgrohe Group, with its AXOR and hansgrohe brands, ranks 6th out of 2000 listed companies, including Audi, BMW and Apple.

In April 2018, hansgrohe was rated the most sustainable company in the sanitation industry, acknowledged for its ability to handle precious resources with care, without hindering effectiveness – voted for by consumers.

Choose eco-friendly and a high-quality experience all in one.

For more information about Hansgrohe SA visit www.hansgrohe.co.za

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