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BizRadio chats to Craig Smith, MD of FCM (fcm) about his personal journey in the media/marketing sector and then about Augmented Reality.

BizInsight-on-BizRadioCraig Smith in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen
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The current media landscape in South Africa is taking a beating as publications are closing on a regular basis due to lack of advertising support and advertisers are calling for better measurement on the return on their investment. Surely the market needs something that enhances the reader experience, embraces the needs of the consumer and is measurable in the true sense of the word. FCM (part of the Aegis Media group) has what they know is a solution to improving the industry; Augmented Reality.

With Augmented Reality, marketers can take the print and physical world and combine it with the digital world, giving both users and brands the capability and ability to increase the levels of interactivity in the buying, selling and sharing process.

FCM is a traditional media house and as the world of media gets converged the demand from clients for good ROI (return on investment) becomes more pertinent and there in is the opportunity recognized by FCM to use technology to truly gain a real measure of this particularly in the print media sector.  The technology behind AR will allow the print sector to truly take the client beyond just print to an interactive engagement with the brand, which is measurable and FCM are able to track on behalf of the client the true results of that interaction through engagement. For the consumer it takes print into an interactive and animated environment extending their interaction with the brand.

Key to the success of AR especially in the print environment is print media extending that offering and promoting it within their publication through firstly a process of educating the publisher and then the reader as to how the technology works, then taking them through the process of how to download it and then how to use it. Once the reader starts using the technology they are transported into an interactive world with the brand that they can share on social media platforms, interactive screen engagement, watch videos, and gamification that are specific to the brand they are interacting with.

For FCM this is an incredible opportunity to engage with their clients and to firstly educate them on the technology, its functions and how AR works, then moving on to how their brands can benefit from the technology. We have to remember that we have a massive mobile audience with incredible uptake of technology enabled through our smart phones through either android or iPhone. This is where consumers are interacting and engaging with brands, so combining traditional media with technology is the next logical step and FCM’s role as leading media strategists is to first educate the market on the technology and then show them how their brands can benefit from it by being able to give them true measurement figures and what the ROI on their investment is.

Adopting to new technology is a process and we need to acknowledge that change is difficult and does not happen overnight and that is why the education process is vital and having a strategic partner like the Sunday Times and two brands like Toshiba and Altech Autopage onboard in the launch phase of AR is testament that these brands are willing to adopt new technology and be part of the market education process that will ultimately benefit the entire industry.

FCM believe this to be a definitive strategic advantage and showcases their intent regarding innovation and integration. They have experienced significant interest, and to this point have contracted with publishers for the supply of the Viewa AR technology. There are also numerous other confirmed projects which will roll out over the next few months.

They launched with teaser adverts in the Sunday Times and will follow this up with brand adverts by Toshiba and Altech Autopage. The Viewa application can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App store, scan over the advert, and begin your AR experience. An AR campaign may take you to Video Content, Touch Screen Interactions, Social Media Platforms, Branded Content, Music or E-Commerce to name but a few. This technology has been developed by Aegis Media and is CLOUD based.

viewa1If you would like to know more about AR for your brand email – [email protected]

Download the Viewa Media Kit – HERE


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