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DRS and McAfee have partnered to create an Executive Briefing Centre locally – the first in Africa – launched today.

“The centre will give customers an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the leading security products and technologies delivered, and give them the opportunity to strategise with our executives and experts on how to overcome their security challenges, and achieve their goals,” says MJ Strydom, MD at DRS, a Cognosec company.drs and cognosec logo

He adds that today’s businesses need instant answers to the pressing technical and business challenges presented by today’s threat landscape. “For the first time, this is available to South African customers.”

He says the briefing centre will afford clients the opportunity to sit down with security experts to get those answers and define a security strategy that will allow their businesses to meet the pressing technical and business challenges in the security arena.

According to Strydom, visitors to the briefing centre will be able to sit down with experts to discuss how to best protect their businesses, and how the various solutions work together. “We will take an in-depth look at each customer’s specific challenges, share our expertise, demonstrate our best-in-class security solutions, and ensure they leave with a practical and effective plan for securing their businesses.”

In addition, he says the Centre will focus on several core security issues facing businesses today. “Cloud security for example, and how to harness the power and cost savings of cloud without compromising on security and control.”

Strydom says the Centre will also help customers get a handle on the ‘BYO’ beast, and teach them how to control the security of mobile devices and external applications, without sacrificing the productivity associated with a mobile workforce. South African businesses need to know that their security solutions are effective, and will protect them from the myriad threats that challenge organisations of all types and sizes today, he adds.

“Our solutions are backed by teams of researchers and experts who spend their time uncovering, investigating and reporting on advanced threats, and finding ways to mitigate them. All this intelligence is built into the solutions we offer our customers, and will be discussed in-depth during briefings at the Centre.”

Behind the Scenes

Dynamic Recovery Services (DRS) is an ICT services and solutions provider specialising in providing innovation and agility in information security, IT risk management and IT governance. The company provides security services with a portfolio that satisfies customer needs, from the creation of security strategy to the daily operation of point security products.

The company partners with market-leading technology providers to ensure the best supply of infrastructure as well as execution of professional services, ensuring that the selected products are effectively implemented and operate efficiently in the business environment.



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