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Dream Body Fitness, the highly successful health and wellness centre based in Sunninghill, Johannesburg is embarking on a brand evolution updating their image to align with the needs of current and future clients while incorporating a growing offering to accommodate their expansion into new markets and has renamed to Dream Body, their aim is to achieve a more national reach while still providing the supreme quality they currently offer.

Dream Body, has achieved unprecedented success since its conception in offering clients the tools and expertise to train with purpose in pursuit of specific, measurable and achievable goals. “Most people struggle to lose weight because they focus on fitness and not on their health” says Steve Mululu, fitness entrepreneur and owner of Dream Body. Steve says his business is doing incredibly well and this is because unlike other gyms, Dream Body focuses on fitness in conjunction with wellness.

The brand has achieved clear and precise positioning in the market and, due to its current growth phase, plans to expand to become the umbrella brand Dream Body that will house the sub-brands fitness, nutrition and café. Dream Body understands that a revised positioning will give them clearer differentiation against competitors and enable them to grow their market share while still accommodating differences in their core customer profiles.

The Brand Breakdown:

 Dream Body – The umbrella brand will provide the audience with relevant information and clear motivation; guiding them to a healthier lifestyle. Standing for health and fitness and expressing itself through strong imagery and passionate wording.

Dream Body Fitness – Currently the leading sub-brand, Dream Body Fitness will focus on personal attention and cost effectiveness – all the pain, all the gain, all of the time and at no additional cost. Adopting the tag line “Find your greatness” Dream Body Fitness will offer solutions, promotions and communications to a market segmented into beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Dream Body Nutrition – Although still a small section in the Dream Body stable, Dream Body Nutrition has great selling points and potential. Focussing on beginner and intermediate clients they plan to rely on personal, in-store attention to create loyalty to the brand.

Dream Body Café – Understanding people are short on time and energy, Dream Body Café will be promoting healthy, free-range, whole foods to their in-gym clients and the surrounding office parks – healthy food that tastes good and can be eaten on the go.

By combining a variety of different advertising channels, both traditional and digital, and evolving their logo to a simpler, more edgy design, the Dream Body brand has ambitions to become a household name in fitness and nutrition sending its clients on a journey of self-discovery, providing them with the tools to change their lives through nutrition and exercise and standing firm in its pay-off line, “Changing bodies. Changing lives”


BizEntrepreneur-on-BizRadio-600x250Steve Mululu in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick von Stein

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