Does technology have a dark side? | #BizTrends with Dion Chang


Dion-Chang-Biz-Trends-Header-BizRadio chats to Dion Chang about the “possible dark” sides of technology in our society.

Fans of Star Wars will appreciate the reference and phrase, “crossing over to the dark side”. The protagonist of the movie series, Luke Skywalker, eventually discovers that his father is (his nemesis and evil opponent) Darth Vader, who then tries to lure his son away from fighting evil, and join him serving the “dark side”. It is the classic good versus evil scenario used in countless movies, novels and traditional folklore. It is ironic then, that in the 21st century, technology finds itself at the very same fork in the road ahead. We have at our disposal, untested technologies – all purported to be the next best thing since sliced bread – but at the same time containing the ability to do good or evil.

BizTrends-on-BizRadioDion Chang in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen
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Take Google Glass for example. This little device is poised to be one of the most revolutionary gadgets to be launched into our digital lives. If you haven’t seen a prototype yet, it is looks like a pair of spectacles, but instead of two optical frames, it only has one small glass rectangle just off the centre of your right eye. This little rectangle of glass will give the wearer the illusion of a 63cm color TV floating about 2.5m in front of him or her – it will look like a Mission Impossible virtual screen just off your periphery vision. You will allegedly be able to scroll through your emails, take pictures or record videos, watch or transmit them, all with simple voice commands. It is meant to allow other people in your social network to see what you are seeing, in real time.  However, even though it has not even been commercially launched yet, a recent survey in the UK found that already 20% of people interviewed would like to see the sale of the gadget banned. A backlash of this nature, before the official launch, is obviously raising eyebrows.

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