DMA 2012 conference in Las Vegas | #MarketingBiz with Luisa Mazinter

MarketingBiz-on-BizRadio.png‘s Luisa Mazinter joins BizRadio every week for #MarketingBiz, this week joining us from the DMA 2012 conference in Las Vegas ( Luisa shared some great insights from the conference which she is going to continue to share with us over the next couple weeks. This week she shared the overall theme of the conference which was that Marketing and Data are becoming more and more intertwined specifically big data. Apparently 2.7 Zeta bytes created this year.  Luisa had a look at the direct marketing industry in the United States. Essentaily Marketers need to understand the complex world of big data.

Luisa also attended the Strategic summit where they looked at Marketing as an agent for organisational change. What Marketers are required to understand and grasp is technology and this also ties in with having to deal with big data.Marketers need to use their creativity and intuition to identify opportunities, and then make use of technology and mathematical techniques to unpack opportunities  mined through that data.

Luisa also shared the “4 new P’s of marketing”: Platform (technology solutions), Partners (leveraging the relationships with third parties to help achieve objectives), Process (the way marketers do things), People (making sure you have the right people with the right skills which is the main pillar of the three other p’s).

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