Digibate: Trends 2012


Trends in 2012 was the topic under discussion for the Thought Leadership Digibate held at the Fire & Ice Hotel, Melrose Arch on 4 May 2012. This Digibate highlighted some of the key trends that were published on BizCommunity.

This year’s Biz Trends Report was sponsored by Aegis Media.


Andre Redelinghuys, Head of Strategy, HKLM will elaborate on tighter trends for a tough year.

@dre_rede |@hklm_lab


Richard Procter, Joint Managing Director, Vizeum will converse around consumers discovering and embracing new and multiple ways to engage with brands, and each other. He will also talk about trends being built upon where there is a convergence of media platforms and a need to share information in real time and a demand for cross-platform content and messaging that can simultaneously reach numerous audiences. @ViseumSA

Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures, Aegis Global Management will discuss next generation mobile and what is happening in the US and UK markets as compared to Africa.



Richard Mullins, Managing Director, Middle East and Africa, Acceleration will discuss the trends in digital marketing in South Africa.

@richmullinsjhb | @accelerationbiz


Toby Shapshak, Editor of Stuff and regular columnist will share more on the year of the cloud, the mobile, Africa’s emergence as a new economic region, the year of the tablet and the app economy too.


Dawn Rowlands, CEO, Aegis Media, Sub Saharan Africa will be moderating the Digibate and will add insights from an African perspective.




Podcast 1: Looking at our current market situation  | Click HERE  to listen


  • Global economy influences our local economy and we are looking at a year of uncertainty from a consumer perspective with huge pressure being put on consumers as to what and how to spend their money.
  • The SA market is somewhat isolated so our situation is a bit buffered and we are all looking at ways to save and get more value.
  • South Africans are actively switching products and services to get more for their money
  • From a technology point of view Africa is booming – we have the fastest growing economies in the globe.
  • The European market looks at Africa and wish they had some of the technology we have here.
  • Africa has the fastest growing mobile market
  • This is a mobile first continent and we have overcome so many technical issues i.e. lack of electricity
  • Cloud based computing is huge and will continue to grow and grow
  • Our technologies make it possible to do anything almost instantly
  • Facebook has 900 million users and all of this is going mobile, but their glaring weakness is mobile – so    this is going to be a big challenge in 2012/13.
  • Smart phones with a mid range price tag is the fastest growing market in Africa.
  • Mobile advertising space – ACCESS, ADOPTION AND COSTS ARE THE keys issues – but it’s all getting cheaper and easier and costs are becoming less of an issue. As a marketer mobile is not just about advertising – most people are getting 80% of their email on their phones – so formatting is a challenge, currently it’s still quite poor  so the challenge is how do we adapt and develop to give consumers what they want.
  • Mobile ad spend continues to grow, but not as fast as it should be – it’s still only a fraction of the total online spend.
  • Our market is still trying to figure out what display formats are needed and we need to continue investing in our market development.
  • Mobile and out of home is a huge opportunity to drive search and social.
  • There is a lot of blurring between mediums –people on the couch watching TV still have their phones on their laps and are engaging.  Is your brand?
  • TV is still king in SA – it’s now up to marketers to figure how to engage this market on a variety of platforms.
  • SA has a massive commuter market who are constantly on their phones – this is a huge opportunity for marketers. It’s so obvious but many marketers still ignore this.


Podcast 2: It’s not just about DATA – it’s how you interpret it and deliver to the market  | Click HERE  to listen


  • We all use email for business – make sure your signatures are open – people are interacting on their phone and need to access your contact details.
  • Make sure your message is text based – people only look at text.  Make sure your messages and ads are able to display on phone screens – this is the current market challenge.
  • On mobile phones people want to see the message first and only then decide if they want to see more – make sure this can happen within seconds.
  • Social Media – how do we define this and how do we harness this from a marketing point of view.
  • Consumers embrace and adapt at their pace and not yours as a marketer – understand what they are doing.
  • Understand how consumers behave and then you are able to really communicate and engage with them.
  • Brands need to learn how to interpret and understand the data they have across all platforms as everything we do effects everything we say in the market.
  • Stacking and tracking is the new way of understanding our market – it’s not just the launch of a campaign, but how it integrates into the market and what dialogue happens with them and what comes from it.
  • The challenge for agencies is how to interpret the data gleamed from consumers and how we extract the right stuff and how do we use this to engage.
  • Smart phone vs. simple phones –it’s now called the MOBILE WEB – it’s not about the features but the benefits to consumers.
  • Technology is irrelevant to the consumers – they just want it to work for them.


M-Commerce and the future of retail in this sector

Podcast 3: Click HERE  to listen

Podcast 4: Click HERE  to listen


  • Adoption by the market takes a while, but the future of commerce is in this realm.
  • Consumers take 18 months to 2 years before they trust and truly interact in this sector.
  • The more in touch and engaged brands are with the market the sooner consumers trust and use their service.
  • Challenge for marketers is how to interpret the adoption process and start engaging now.
  • Its key to combine all your technology into the retail sector and allow for a seamless engagement
  • SA retailers still lag behind and need to understand that the future is on an integrated approach to connecting with consumers and no longer just reling on just the retail space for business.
  • Retail staff need to be properly trained and know how all the integrated elements work so they can show consumers – again encouraging interaction and dialogue with your market


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