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eBiz Classroom


Barely a decade ago a new term was introduced into the collective conscience of humanity; affecting politics, economics, culture and all the other major aspects of human society and interaction: ”Just Google it”…
In the short space of a decade Google ”defeated” the other search engines that were vying for market-share (Yahoo, Bing to name a few) and now precedes over a vast internet conglomeration including Youtube amongst others.

Nowadays when people have a problem ,they hop onto Google, type in their question and within seconds thousands of answers can appear….

Needless to say the higher up on Google searches your company/product/service is, the more traffic and therefore sales the business will garner.
In todays podcast we discuss Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

  • What is SEM and why it is valuable to improve a brand’s ranking on Google.
  • Cost effective tips and tricks to advertise your brand on search engines.

Diane Charton 3mb
Diane Charton is the MD of Red and Yellow. She uses Magic and Logic to inspire young minds into shaping the Advertising and Marketing industries through innovation and hard work.

eBiz Classroom

eBiz Classroom

Diane Charton conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
Podcast | Click HERE to listen






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