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You have made the decision to open your own business and you have done research and come up with the perfect name; one that tells people immediately what your business does. Now you need to do research about the market you are aiming at.

Naomi Butuw, founder of MommyMallSA takes you through some useful tips to assist in this process;

Who are you wanting to do business with? If you are selling nappies, then your target market are parents with babies within your region. Make sure you spend time on defining your market. Its pointless if you are based in Cape Town and only deliver in this region, to be marketing to people say in Gauteng.

Who is your ideal client – get down to specifics here – your market is parents of babies wearing nappies, people who have access to money and can get to your business or afford the possible delivery charge?

Understand your client – what are they wanting and needing? Good product, good prices, easy access.  Is there parking? What sizes are you offering? Are you offering a delivery service? How far will the delivery service go? You can use Survey Monkey to do research among all your connections and really find out what your potential customers are wanting/needing.

Use online tools to help you in your marketing – Google are really the masters at this. Make sure that when you put marketing into the digital arena you have the key words correct i.e. nappies; cape town; physical store near me; delivery services.

Keep track – keep track of who you are selling to, this will help you define your audience even more i.e. age, area they are coming from; what size did they buy – this is all valuable information as you are able to market to them directly when you get new stock or new sizes – remember their babies are growing.

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