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Decision Inc. believes that education is key to unlocking economic and social transformation in South Africa. To cement this commitment, the company has been working closely with Mother of Peace, a non-profit organisation that provides a home to more than 25 orphaned and abandoned children. Relying solely on donations and the support of organisations like Decision Inc, Mother of Peace creates a safe haven that allows for these children to flourish.

Decision Inc. has partnered with Mother of Peace for many years, helping them with a variety of social projects and initiatives. In 2018, the company has taken this commitment a step further, creating a social group that’s focused on helping the children improve their school work and their grades.

“Every Saturday morning, twice a month, our teams of volunteers take turns to work with the children at Mother of Peace,” says Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc. “We assist the children in boosting their learning, reading and examination skills, providing them with the essential tools they need to thrive at school.”

At the moment, the groups help the children in three specific ways. They do homework and general school work support for Grades 08 – 12, giving the students guidance where needed. They also do reading with pre-primary school children and they are working on an exam training session that will be run on an ad hoc basis. Every part of the programme has been developed alongside Mother of Peace to ensure that Decision Inc. employees are delivering real value to the children and doing work that will have a long-term impact on their lives.

To further enhance the work the company is doing with Mother of Peace, Decision Inc. also undertook a Mandela Day initiative to repaint the learning centres and outside entertainment areas.

“At Decision Inc. we believe that the next generation is critical to the success of the country,” concludes Bell. “Working with Mother of Peace in such a focused and targeted way means that we can help the next generation achieve great things.”

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