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It’s quite common that many of us (myself included) have certain perceptions of ‘white’ magazines and ‘black’ radio stations. It’s quite natural for us to have certain misconceptions about race profiles of media as, when many marketers started out in the game, the world was a very different place to today.

It also doesn’t help that many magazines, which are read by a full spectrum of society, still feature mostly white faces on the cover each month.

Ross Sergeant | Director of Strategy | Limelight Boutique Media Agency

Ross Sergeant | Director of Strategy | Limelight Boutique Media Agency

These stats show a big difference between the perception of most marketers and the reality. There is still much work to go, but it’s in the right direction. This data really does go to show that the filter of ‘race’ in media is close to becoming irrelevant.

Some key stats:
You: 55% Black, 20% White
Men’s Health: 64% Black, 17% White
Car Magazine: 50% Black, 25% White
Cosmo: 57% Black, 19% White 5FM: 57% Black, 27% White

CapeTalk: 50% Black, 26% Coloured, 21% White
Jacaranda: 44% Black, 50% White
Highveld 94.7: 40% Black, 42% White

Cinema: 57% Black, 20% White
DSTV Premium: 35% Black, 43% White
DSTV Compact: 85% Black, 5% White
SABC3 (Includes Espresso): 79% Black, 8% White

The Argus/Cape Times: 40% Black, 37% Coloured ,20% White
Sunday Times: 74% Black, 12% White
Business Day: 61% Black, 27% White

All stats are from completely independent sources – AMPS 2015, Roots 2013, and TGI (they all tell the same story).

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