Death of the Banking as we know it | #BizTrends with Dion Chang


Dion-Chang-Biz-Trends-Header-Banks globally are strategically repositioning their business with a new view on growth – growth in the new world order means adopting new technologies and applying a concept of banking of the future. In fact, banking of the future is not banking as we know it. Banking of the future is taking a shape as remodelled a financial services industry providing more varied offerings to customers. Strategically, the view is to shift from a product centred view to a customer centred view. This shift is largely due to the crucial role the banks played in orchestrating the global market collapse of 2008. For the first time, customers and consumers were handed a first-hand peek and experience into the greediness of banks and also altered the view of banking as a trusted institution. Consumer trust was broken.

BizTrends-on-BizRadioDion Chang in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen
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The financial services industry is now revisiting the importance of service, personal interactions and regaining consumer trust. In an effort to regain that trust, this industry is evidencing a proliferation of new services such as online payment, social banking and new business models. Now more than ever, the financial services industry will be driven to innovate and serve the customer with the greatest depth and value possible.

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Who should you believe and trust? | #BizTrends with Dion Chang

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