DAC Systems, Owl Rescue Centre tackle the scourge of plastic waste

Eco-friendly partnership will help clean up oceans, collect recyclable plastic to build owl enclosures, bee hives and bat houses.

Leading ICT solutions and services company DAC Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is proud to support the Hartbeespoort-based Owl Rescue Centre’s initiative to collect recyclable plastic.

The owl sanctuary is the only one of its kind globally and is dedicated to protect owls, rescue owls that are in danger, rehabilitate and care for owls that have been injured, are sick, poisoned or orphaned and then release them back into their natural environment using specifically researched release methods.

DAC Systems recently purchased a huge bag to be used to collect plastic and once full, will be collected by the Owl Sanctuary.

All Owl Rescue Centre NPC conservation products, including owl houses, bat houses and bee hives are manufactured from recycled plastic instead of wood.

DAC Systems shares the Centre’s passion for the environment, and specifically projects that are organised to protect nature and specifically help address the growing international problem of plastics in the ocean.

It is believed that 8.8 million metric tons of plastic waste that is dumped in oceans each year, and widespread harm is caused to the marine environment, as well as filling up landfill sites, and generally creating litter.

Through this collective effort, the Owl Sanctuary aim to recycle six-hundred tons of plastic per year and eventually establish the project as an ocean clean-up mission (with the acquisition of a sea-going vessel on the agenda).

“We are delighted to be a part of this environment-focused initiative. We are in the business of rolling out technology that helps businesses sustain their competitive advantage and secure their advantage. That is why we are very pleased and proud to contribute towards the protection of nature and our employees are equally passionate about the need to conserve threatened species,” said Chris Willemse, CEO of DAC Systems.

For more information, go to:  http://www.owlrescuecentre.org.za/

DAC Systems

Established in 1995, DAC Systems took the truly specialised approach of understanding the needs of a business and identifying the solution set that meets the current and future requirement – irrespective of industry.

DAC is a leading Microsoft Gold Certified partner, with world leading technology and is committed to delivering innovative solutions that equip our customers with the competitive advantage they need to a digital customer driven market.

Adherence to governance requirements without sacrificing productivity is one of the advantages we offer our customers.  We excel at making the technology fit the business from industry specific best-practice templates that are implemented in remarkable and previously impossible time, to unique features that differentiate services and brands, we care enough to know the difference – and get it right.  We work with our customers constantly to anticipate the future demands of their growing businesses.

We act as an interface between our customers and the technology providers, ensuring a unified approach that results in every project we touch being successful.

DAC Systems is a proud BBBEE Level 2 Supplier.


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