Credence Security wins distribution rights to EgoSecure


Speciality distribution house, Credence Security, has partnered with EgoSecure to supply the data protection company’s security products to customers across Africa, the Middle East and India. Credence Security delivers cyber and IT security technologies and solutions that protect businesses of all types and sizes against advanced persistent threats, malicious adversaries and malicious insiders.

Lauren Wain, General Manager at Credence, says the deal with EgoSecure is another step towards the company’s aim to be the top security distributor in these regions, and will also be a key driver for technology growth. “We are perfectly placed to grow the EgoSecure brand in Africa, the Middle East and India, as we have several offices and warehouses strategically placed to serve all our customers in these regions.”

Speaking of the EgoSecure range, she says it is widely understood what a critical asset data is for every business. “Data loss due to either theft or carelessness can have disastrous repercussions. In fact, over and above loss of revenue due to fines, the loss of customer confidence is incalculable. It can even cause an organisation to permanently close its doors.”credence1

She adds that while many security vendors will advise businesses to protect themselves as comprehensively as possible, and install every possible tool and solution to combat risks – even if they don’t understand what the risks are, and if they are relevant to the business. This, she says, doesn’t make sense. 

“Blindly protecting your organisation will only waste time and resources. It’s important to firstly understand your specific data-security situation and then protect your business against those risks that are genuine and relevant.”

EgoSecure’s Insight solution collects facts about the data security of a company’s network and displays them in graphs and highly detailed tables, meeting the information requirements of both management and administrators. “In this way, the module offers a foundation so that protective measures are not set up blindly, with no insight. The actual facts are used to diagnose the requirements for the initial installation of protective measures, and from that point, they are employed to continually monitor whether your organisation’s protection needs alter with time.”

IntellAct, a module from EgoSecure, analyses the facts from Insight and automatically activates protective measures based on pre-defined rules. Moreover, it has the ability to make comparisons with benchmarks, automatically detecting anything anomalous and situations that are critical, so that an appropriate response is triggered to protect a businesses’ data. This automatism significantly facilitates the work of administrators and lowers reaction times, she explains.

“We are thrilled be adding EgoSecure’s solutions to our best-in-class offerings,” she concludes. “EgoSecure offers true innovation, reliability, and performance, and will take us a step further in our aim to offer Credence clients a total security solution across the board, irrespective of company size or industry.”

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