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Ts-and-Cs-episode-1-Creative-agency-awrdsThe conversation capitalists: Tony Koenderman | Craig Page-Lee | Yvonne Johnston | Jerry Mpufane

Creativity verses return on investment? In many instances the “money people” are running the strategic execution of brand campaigns. Is this the right way to be doing this? What has happened to creativity leading the strategic campaign and is there real value and relevance to creative industry awards.

The question posed to the guests of T’s & C’s Apply was a simple one – Creative agency awards – Are they relevant and do we need them?  Neither Yvonne nor Jerry was briefed before being invited to join the conversation. They were literally given the topic and the conversation unfolded, whilst the record button was pushed.  As with any conversations it’s important to pull out some key points. We have segmented the conversation in 3 podcast segments and each one covers the following:

Press-Play Part 001

Principles, profits and proliferation
PODCAST ONE | Click HERE to listen


  • Why are awards a good idea?
  • Ideas drive business growth and those ideas should be rewarded
  • Control & scams
  • Principles vs. Profits
  • Why are awards needed then?
  • Creative ideas that get flogged to death
  • Consumer appeal and relevance
  • Return on investment from both sides – client / agency
  • Good vs. bad advertising
  • Media agencies are the death of creative thinking

Press-Play Part 002

Where have the creative gone?
PODCAST TWO | Click HERE to listen


  • Local vs. global agencies
  • Defending the local market
  • Globalization and the procurement manager!
  • The creative gap of 20 years
  • Succession planning in the creative industry
  • Where has the talent gone?
  • Education lacking
  • The internet has “smacked” us into  next week

Press-Play Part 003

Stop it! If it’s not relevant it’s a waste of time
PODCAST THREE | Click HERE to listen


  • How do creative’s embrace the changes in our society and keep creating?
  • Prostitution vs. pride and principles
  • No is also an answer
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Judging processes are often flawed
  • Loeries are coming up……………….

The guests:

Yvonne Johnston – Marketer-At-Large

Yvonne Johnston BWYvonne Johnston has had a long and successful career in the communications field, firstly for twenty years in advertising, as a Media Director where her last position was as the Group Media Director for Ogilvy and Mather from 1993-1998. It was a natural progression to move across to the Client or Marketing side of the desk. After short sojourns at Primedia and Nedbank, she discovered that she wasn’t a corporate animal, so she started her own business, Refreshing Marketing.  From here she was head hunted by Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert who asked her to combine her passions for marketing and for South Africa and head a fledgling marketing authority, being instituted by President Thabo Mbeki to establish and promote a clear-cut and definitive brand for South Africa. read more…

Jerry Mpufane – CEO Jupiter Drawing Room

Jerry Mpufane BWJerry Mpufane is a professional with 20 years experience in the Marketing field.  He’s held executive positions on both the Corporate as well as the Agency side of the Brand Management spectrum.  Throughout the years Jerry gained experience in managing large teams of people, large agency supplier networks and big budgets.  He has had great exposure in Brand Strategy, Advertising, Public Relations, Sponsorship, Media, and has managed local and global Campaigns. read more…


About Ts & Cs Apply:TsANDCsApply-NO-SHADOW

A no holds barred series of conversations hosted by Tony Koenderman & Craig Page-Lee.Thought provoking and challenging – filling a gap in the marketing space that is free to all with no T’s & C’s applied.

On the backend of some serious and meaningful industry comments and conversation currently not happening on the African continent the conceptualization and launching of Ts & Cs Apply hopes to fill that gap in the industry.

The creation of key conversation capital that is available to anyone who is interested in the fast moving marketing space in Africa – from local to global – Ts & Cs Apply is the meeting ground of minds and insight sharing through the downloading of audio podcasts that are free and meant to be shared with your colleagues, competitors and working community – from the boardroom to the classroom.

Joining Tony and Craig on a regular basis will be industry thought-leaders, innovators and instigators – the sort of people that have no problem getting down and dirty into an industry conversation that serves as catalytic convertors for improvement and growth of the marketing space across Africa.

Tony Koenderman BW on BizRadioTony Koenderman

Marketing Analyst

Editor  & Publisher: AdReview

Craig Page-Lee BWCraig Page-Lee

Managing Director – Posterscope SA

The back-room innovators: | |

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