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A weekly blueprint takes away the guess work of what type of task you should be doing when, it keeps you in balance and prevents you from reaching that critical point of overwhelm which inevitably leads to procrastination.

It’s not for scheduling specific appointments (use your diary/calendar for that) but rather for knowing when to schedule these appointments. And while it might take you time within your already crowded schedule to put this together … long term, it will save you hours and ultimately your sanity.

 Tracey Foulkes explains this in conversation on

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Setting up your blueprint:

  • Create your blueprint in an Excel Spread sheet
  • Across the horizontal axis, type Monday through to Sunday (one word per cell)
  • On the vertical axis, jot down the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed (moving up in half hour increments, one time slot per cell).
  • Create a colour code for categories such as: communication*, planning, exercise, meetings, power hour and block off time slots within your week to indicate the type of action you need to be taking when (you will schedule the actual action from your to-do list into your calendar/diary).

Note: It is not about filling each time slot but rather about blocking time so you take away the guess work about what type of task you should be doing when. Leave plenty of open cells for doing the actual work.

*Communication sessions involve returning calls and checking & filtering email. For emails requiring an action that will take longer than 2 minutes,  wait for my open time (the white cells in my spread sheet) and tackle them based on priority.

Use your blueprint

  • Print off a copy of your completed spread sheet and use it as a guide for scheduling what tasks you should be doing when in your day.


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