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In todays world of hyper-connectivity, social media and online shopping, the consumer is no longer just the end of a supply chain…. In many circumstances, people have begun to use their ”purchasing power” to influence the way companies or even countries operate.

A case in point would be the recent rumblings over the conditions that workers for famous shoe companies work in East Asia, specifically China,Vietnam and the Phillipines. Consumers no longer are just purchasing products and services and exercising moral ambivelance in regards to how the product was manufactured. Another example would be recent protests over certain rare-earth minerals used in laptops and smartphones amongst other technological devices.

This major change in consumer purchasing patterns has the potential to fundamentally change the way companies operate globally, especially in the so called third world, where many means of production exist.
Today Craig and Nick discuss the emergence of this new trend in consumer shopping.




Craig Page-Lee in conversation with eBizRadio
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Craig Page-Lee is the MD of Posterscope – SA’s leading Out Of Home specialists. He is passionate about retail and has a background in design and architecture and one day dreams of heading off on a world adventure on his motor-cycle.

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