Peter Stewart, MD of Clickthinking talks about getting customers through their ‘digital journeys’ better than the competition and getting them  the highest prominence and visibility on every existing digital platform as well  closing the loop between searching  for and deciding on purchase. Was there life before Google? Peter tells the story of Clickthing’s journey from ínternet   consultants to become the leading ‘search marketer in town. Listen here to this fascinating story and see how far they’ve come in twelve years and where we may all be heading in the future of online searching.

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Peter Stewart talks about the power that the consumer now has by able to respond directly to product messaging. He shares his take on the relevance of search rankings and ratings in relation to the actual quality of the content you get in your search. Ever wondered whether you’ve found the best information or content available? Peter talks about how to get the best results.

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So how does search engine optimization actually work? In a world which is becoming increasingly complex, providing  consumers with ease of access to knowledge and information is what it’s about. There are some critical ‘pillars’ says Peter that you need to be aware of. It’s all about bots, spiders and side-winders. But you knew that, right

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Social media, as we all know, is a hot commodity and the markets are waking up to the opportunities that exist in this new world gathering place. But there’s a lot of confusion as how to engage and get it right. It’s all about defining what it is you’re using it for, says Peter. Have the objectives clear upfront. We haven’t seen anything of the full potential of social media and Peter talks developments such as Google Plus which promise to take even further on our digital  journey together.

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Also, in the BizRadio teams visit to the office’s of Click Thinking/iProspect, we bumped into, Conversion Director, Anne Scharlow and asked her about the following:

What is online conversion? Market experts and DIY for search optimization?

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What is SEARCH marketing?

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Is there a “qualitative” difference between GOOGLE and other search engines?

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***This all in the build up to the upcoming Thought Leadership Digibate on the 19th January 2012 – being live audio streamed on from 09h00***

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