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There is currently a massive PR and legal battle occurring between the cellphone companies of South Africa: One side includes MTN and Vodacom, the other is Cell C and Telkom Mobile/8ta, stuck in the middle is ICASA, South Africa’s telecommunications regulator…..

At  the heart of the current struggle is the rate that cellular companies charge for connections between their networks and others. The price of a connection between say a Cell C customer and a MTN one is capped at 40c for the phone call (the same price applies for connections between any two differing networks). ICASA recently decided to lower that cap to 20c. The smaller networks are publicly behind this decision, whilst the larger companies of MTN and Vodacom are against it.

What began as a disagreement has now evolved into a full scale PR war being waged on social and print media, with courtroom proceedings expected as well. Ulrich discusses the current situation, as well as the general state of the telecommunications industry…..


MTN advert defending their actions and positions:


Below is Cell C’s brilliant response (without taking sides, one can still see how brilliant from a PR perspective the response was):

cell c




Ulrich Meyer-Höllings in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
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