Ep1: Business without EMAIL is possible! | #LifeWithoutEmail with Luis Suarez & Claire Burge


BizRadio is proud to bring you this innovative series of podcasts that shares the journey and insights into a real world of being email free in both your personal and work environment.

Like all adventures, it has to start with people who want to go on the adventure, then the planning and then the execution – #LifeWithoutEmail is just the partner you will need.

We are joined weekly by Luis Suarez – a seasoned Social Business evangelist and 2.0 practitioner working as the Lead Social Business Enabler at IBM for w3Connections and ibm.com and has been living and working email free for years and Claire Burge, Head of Get Organised, Ireland.

In this first chat we find out more about;

  • Who are Luis Suarez & Claire Burge?
  • Connecting the assumptions about NO EMAIL in the SME and Corporate sectors
  • The current state of business play
  • It’s all about the APPROACH
  • Don’t go cold turkey
  • Some reasons why to move away from email
LifeWithoutEmail-on-BizRadio Luis Suarez & Claire Burge with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen
Podcast | Click HERE to listen

Duration: 21:38 | Size: 20.8 MB | Format: MP3


Claire-Burge-Profile-BW-PicDescribed as part chaos, part rocket fuel. Claire is co-owner of Get Organised Ireland. She speaks to international audiences and offers workshops in the areas of email management, project/team management, procrastination and business productivity. She’s also a regular productivity contributor to lifehackorg and 99U  and her book on creativity will be published later this year.

Luis-Suarez-Profile-BW-PicLuis Suarez a seasoned Social Business evangelist and 2.0 practitioner working as the Lead Social Business Enabler at IBM for w3Connections and ibm.com Connections, with over 16 years of experience on knowledge management, collaboration, learning, online communities and social networking for business, along with Open Business, and has been living, for the last 5 years, a corporate world without email challenging the status quo of how knowledge workers collaborate and share their knowledge by promoting openness, transparency, trust, sustainable growth, engagement, connectedness and overall smart work. He currently blogs over elsua.net

*** This is not a prompt to go cold turkey on email. It is an explanation of how to introduce a massive change in a gradual and sustainable way.

Luis and Claire facilitate a fantastic group over at G+ called Life Without Email.

Join the movement…be part of the conversation. We’re having a party and you’re most definitely invited!

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