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Dynamic, passionate and driven. Melody Tomlinson, CEO of New Leaf Inspirations is the embodiment of all of these attributes and more. A successful life coach, her seven years’ experience as a facilitator and keynote speaker has equipped her to be not only motivational and inspirational – she is also competent in front of any audience.
With her unique style and remarkable insight, she changes lives and perceptions by the minute.

Having an enquiring mind and a keen interest in people and business, Melody (better known as Mel) decided early on that she wanted to make a difference in society. She started her first business in the curio industry at the age of 24 and later found her calling for life coaching at 36. She immediately signed up with Creative Consciousness International, and completed her studies in coaching while in the same year selling her thriving curio business and building her dream house.

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The biggest obstacle in her new career was Mel’s fear of public speaking.  But she mastered that fear, allowing her to engage with audiences of up to 500, and boosting her visibility and her credibility.

Many successful people have been coached by Mel.  As one of her clients, a previously-timid Laurette Batstone went on to win Mrs South Africa in 2010, as well as other awards for various competitions. “Coaching contributes to success,” explains Mel, “because it gives you confidence.”

Mel has had some fantastic opportunities in her career.  She has been actively involved in rebranding and restructuring the highly successful Performance Booster Program, which she has turned into a professional training product now available as a license to other coaches, businesses and schools.  She has also written and implemented several custom made corporate training and employee development programmes for the likes of Spar Distribution, Buscor and Ilanga Mall.

“My biggest professional achievement is surviving as a coach in Nelspruit for eight years,” she says with a grin. ”Most coaches have come and gone… I feel like I am just beginning to take off. The world is my oyster and due to technology I can operate anywhere in the world”

“Honest feedback can sometimes be very painful to receive, but it’s the best and the fastest way to improve ourselves,” explains Mel.  “As we learn more about ourselves, powerful shifts of the mind can have some rather amazing effects.”  After eight years, she is still fascinated by what she learns as a coach and can’t wait to pass new skills on to her clients to see them prosper.

Where does she draw her own strength?  Mel is blessed with a very supportive family who have encouraged her throughout her career – and kept her smiling.  She is also extremely grateful for the people who took a chance on her when she just started out in her career.  Those people are still her clients today and very often have become close friends.

“I am very fortunate to have lived every day fully inspired and engaged in the transformation of people and businesses, small and large,” enthuses Mel.  “I am at my very best when I am creating new courses, new processes and am part of new business developments.  I get to see and experience new possibilities daily!”

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Mel enjoys working with start-up businesses. She is highly skilled in getting people to do more than they believe they could and helping them to take their next step.  She is currently coaching a large variety of employees in the timber industry, including managers, engineers and HOD’s. This coaching engagement has resulted in a significant ROI for the company with the entire mill operating at a more effective level due to the increased communication and better self management of the entire team. ‘I didn’t know that my favourite clients would be a bunch of sawmill ‘okes’. It has once again reaffirmed what a valuable intervention coaching is and the fact that it really can be used for any situation.’

Mel’s advice on future success and escaping your current reality is to get a coach or an accountability partner, as two brains are always better than one.  “Never stop investing in yourself and your personal growth, as no one can ever take that away from you.”

To find out more about Mel Tomlinson and the types of coaching and training courses she offers, visit, email [email protected] or call 082 888 9676.


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