Brett Dawson has an enviable track record in the technology industry. During his tenure at leading brands like Internet Solutions and global IT services giant Dimension Data he focussed on unlocking the transformative power of the new technologies ushered in by the Third Industrial Revolution (3IR).

Two years after handing over the reins at Dimension Data, Brett is embarking on the next stage of his journey. He has applied his pioneering knowledge of 3IR to create Campan, a personal investment platform that will invest and nurture businesses aligned to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

“The Internet of Things (IOT), big data and cloud computing are just some of the technologies that are driving the world’s transformative transition to the 4IR,” said Brett. “We are entering an age where technology, data and business are wholly intertwined, leading to massive changes in efficiency and customer service”.

Brett is passionate about exploring the opportunities that the 4IR presents and is personally focusing on enabling businesses to exploit the trend. Campan will therefore invest in and nurture businesses that are poised to challenge existing business models through the positive application of technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, data exchanges and cloud-based solutions to name a few.

Brett has announced his entrance to the competitive world of disruptor start-ups with investments in six early stage start-ups that are leveraging technology to redefine existing industries and processes with.

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Campan confirming R10 million in funding for content aggregator, Gather Online.

“Throughout my career, I have always been continually pushing to be at the forefront of technology and technology-related fields, even at a time when 3IR was radically transforming thinking and accepted norms in the business environment,” said Brett.

Few will question the impact of the 3IR on the business environment. During Brett’s 12-year tenure at Dimension Data he oversaw a fourfold increase in annual revenue, from $2 billion to $8 billion. The firm expanded its footprint from 30 countries to 58 and grew its local and international employee complement from 8000 to more than 30000 over the same period.

Brett is confident that 4IR will enable innovative start-ups to achieve staggering success thanks to the positive differences that technology introduces to both industry and process. “As we make a further quantum shift into an impending 4IR world my focus has turned to the radical improvements that business can make in society through the application and adoption of new technologies – Campan is a vehicle through which I can live out my passion for enabling new companies that use technology as an engine to make substantial positive differences in terms of industry and process”.

Gather Online is a website aimed at improving users’ experience of online content. It offers an easy and elegant way for users to connect with the social media content that really matters to them and already attracts more than 42,000 visits per day. Campan already boasts a substantial portfolio of businesses that are passionately focussed on bringing transformative value propositions to market, including:

  • BrandHubb: Revolutionising how consumers interact with the brands they love;
  • Fourex: Makes fast, easy and efficient forex its primary objective;
  • Free2cycle: A UK-based initiative which aims to transform wellbeing by reimagining the cycling commuter business model;
  • Ubusha Technologies: South africa’s leading identity governance and privileged account management solutions provider, squarely focusses on cyber security; and
  • Wrapistry: Provides the ultimate gifting experience.

Each of these businesses are already applying technology together with re-imagined business models to make fundamental and transformational differences to customer service, business processes, systems, industries and broader society. Brett will nurture them to greatness by providing coaching and mentoring to their leadership teams as well as taking an active role in strategy, while Campan will facilitate the timely introduction of capital to enable these businesses to accelerate their business plans.

Brett has a fine eye for talent combined with the hands-on leadership skills necessary to bring out the best in people. He will make a valuable contribution by building motivated leadership teams capable of instilling a winning culture across a business’ value chain. This winning culture – crucial in creating sustainable and successful businesses – is achieved through a highly motivated, passionate and people-centred business where employees are empowered to make a difference.

Brett’s vision for Campan is to become a leading incubation platform that nurtures emerging, transformational 4IR businesses to make a real difference to society. He has taken the first steps by investing in six start-ups that are built on great ideas and have the potential to grow to the next level. The resources are in place to guide and mentor their management teams and ensure that technology is applied to transform customer service, processes, systems, industries and society – thereby ensuring that every Campan-backed business is recognised as truly great.

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