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Martina Laurie, Chartered Accountant and CEO of Hands On Treatment, says while many entrepreneurs are proactive in their efforts to identify opportunities at any given time, they often fall into the trap of spreading their focus too thin.

“Their minds are everywhere and their attention is on a multiple areas, so they often lose focus,” says Laurie. “The risk to the business is that the entrepreneur finds him- or herself unable to move out of the ‘inventing’ or ideas stage.”

Martina Laurie

This is because as soon as ideas begin to work and show promise, the focus is moved to another potential opportunity and these ideas are not afforded the space and attention necessary to see them to fruition.

Entrepreneurs, particularly those hungry for success and passionate about their business, often get bored quickly and are naturally inclined to seek out a fresh avenue of opportunity or revenue.

Laurie continues, “From a productivity and profit perspective, this could be harmful to your business. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a strong delivery team with the capability to nurture every opportunity and help ensure that they move past the conceptual stage and into the realm of true application and delivery.”

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Hands On Treatment , with a Level 1 BEE rating, is a  corporate mobile massage and wellness services specialist company focused on the call centres industry as well as events and exhibitions in Gauteng and now also in Cape Town.

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About Hands On Treatment

Based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Hands on Treatment is an 10 year old established Mobile Massage Company that provides on-site massage service to the corporate sector, covering specialised labour-intensive areas such as call centres, events and exhibitions, amongst others. Hands On Treatment has been a Proudly South African member since 2003 and in 2007 received the Proudly South African best SMME Service award. It also has a level BEE 4 status and is in the process of obtaining a level BEE 2 status.

The core focus of the business is to provide employees and personnel in businesses with professional massages – an offering that is done at the client’s premises, with no impact on operations or requiring any downtime.


Hands On Treatment support clients in all the major centres in South Africa and also provide services country wide.  Examples include a three day assignment with six therapists at a trade show in support of a major South African company; an assignment to just about all the retail branches of a major bank; and a telecommunications company where Corporate

Massages were provided to the teams of staff working inordinately long hours to roll out a major new product line.

The benefits of this service include a boost to productivity, to energise and revitalise employees and encourage a healthy, harmonious working environment.


A second and equally important silo of the business is the development of skills and investment in Hands on Treatment professionals of the future.

Hands on Treatment has implemented an ongoing training programme designed to provide relevant skills to those who have not had the opportunity to acquire formal training. To date we have helped over 500 urban women secure an income via skills development.

In this way the company has taken a proactive stance in people and community development.


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