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We have Jacqueline Grobler, founder, owner and Distiller at Angel Heart Beverages.

Angel Heart was born out of a passion for creative and extraordinary alcoholic products.  Only the best ingredients, botanical and equipment ensure an absolute bespoke product.
A liquor with integrity and soul. The magic in each bottle is a result of an alchemical process, a mix of ingredients, love and patience. Our goal is that every consumer enjoy the tasting experience as much as we love making the products.

BizEntrepreneur-on-BizRadio-600x250Jacqueline Grobler in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nic von Stein

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Westcliff is an exquisite award winning copper pot distilled Joburg dry gin which now has not one but two awards for excellence – exciting recognition considering just how competitive the market has become since the resurgence of this once medicinal tincture. Named the Best Gin at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards at the end of last year, it also secured a Bronze Medal in the category best International Contemporary Gin in the 2017 American Distilling Institute’s (ADI) craft spirits competition.


A skilful infusion of interesting botanicals native to Africa, including Buchu leaves and IsiPhephetu (African Ginger), have been combined with traditional Gin botanicals to create this beautifully balanced floral gin with undertones of juniper and coriander. Made in the London dry tradition, it’s rested for two months before bottling and the result is a soft spirit that can be served simply over ice, or paired with interesting ingredients that enhance its profile.

A truly South African gin – Westcliff pays homage to the city of Gold. This is a gin inspired by the gold rush of 1884 and the rich heritage of gold that flows through the veins of the Joburg landscape.

The creator of Westcliff Gin – Jaqueline Grobler says, “This gin is the next chapter in my love affair with Joburg as a city. I wanted to develop a gin that heroes the heritage of gold, but has the fresh taste of a forest; the man-made forest of the Westcliff area. The most distinctive feature of this forest is the Jacaranda and it’s for this reason that the gin releases the sweet smell of spring – hints of green florals and new blooms.”

It’s best paired with gentle flavours that don’t overpower the more delicate tasting notes of this artisanal gin. Interesting flavours like those of Elderflower, Hibiscus, and Fever Tree tonic waters combine with Westcliff to create unique taste sensations. In fact most floral tonic waters– garnished with blueberries and thyme – work well with Westcliff.

Grobler’s favourite way to serve this gin is with pink tonic water and a small piece of Turkish delight. She says that this is the type of Gin that doesn’t need much to be enjoyed. Add a good tonic water and you have a beautifully refreshing drink made even better when taking in the Joburg landscape.

Adding to this Grobler says, “We believe we have captured the amazing energy of Joburg in a bottle. More than that, we have captured the energy and contrasts of the city in surprising ways.”

The packaging, striking in black and gold, continues the theme and the background design on the label is a deconstructed Swe-Swe pattern. Sophisticated and elegant – the overall finish is timeless.

Westcliff is currently available for around R400 from select bottle stores, bars and restaurants nationwide.

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