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Logistics is a rapidly growing field – over the next five years, the global logistics market is set to grow by upwards of seven percent. South Africa in particular, with its widely dispersed population centres, has long had a critical need for transport and logistics solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

It was to address this need that Trackmatic was born. Founded in 2009 by industry visionary David Slotow, Trackmatic Solutions has a well-deserved reputation for developing innovative solutions that simplify logistics and supply chain issues through people-led, technology-enabled products and services.

Trackmatic has rapidly become the preferred technology partner for some of South Africa’s leading logistics companies – partly due to its world-class software solutions and partly because it views the market in a very unique way. For Trackmatic, it is all about enabling clients to perfect their business flow and meet their operational key performance indicators.

 The purposeful pathfinder

 As an expert in efficiency, Trackmatic constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, using advanced technology to increase business agility and simplify complex daily operations. The team’s energy, enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude are apt reflections of the company’s core values. At the heart of Trackmatic is a fierce determination to go above and beyond, to deliver exceptional services and products, and to add extraordinary value.

Key to its success is Trackmatic’s Driver-Led Visibility® solution, which harnesses the power of mobility to empower the driver. By leveraging Trackmatic’s technological applications and tools, the driver becomes the critical source of proactive, reliable, first-hand information – ultimately leading to improved business flow.

Trackmatic has evolved the industry by providing fleets with a mobile-friendly, customisable feature set, and empowering users with access to data that significantly streamlines operations, reduces costs and improves the reputation of the fleet operator. Driver-Led Visibility® enables drivers to use greater initiative and work more closely with the business to improve operational efficiency – and rewards them for doing so.

 Anything is possible

With the advancement of digitisation, customer expectations have risen. Service providers are required to rise to the challenge with products and services that are accessible at the click of a button or the launch of an app. Why should fleet management be any different?

While other solutions providers focus exclusively on the hardware side and ensuring that trucks have the most efficient telematics installed, Trackmatic focuses on empowering the driver with a technology-centred solution. By providing solutions that leverage the driver as the vital link between what the customer wants and how the business gets it to them, Trackmatic has smartly turned supply chain on its head. This is achieved by positioning the driver as the ultimate brand ambassador, the client-facing point of contact responsible for ensuring that goods are delivered on time.

It’s a disruption that puts a different spin on customer service and drives accessibility and cost-effectiveness of technology solutions. With Trackmatic’s inbound and outbound mobility solutions, anything is possible – and everything on the journey, from departure to destination, is catered for.

About Trackmatic

Technology is an agent of change but people are the catalyst. Trackmatic simplifies logistics through people led, technology enabled mobile solutions. Formed in 2009 by visionary CEO David Slotow, Trackmatic strives to be not just excellent but exceptional. South Africa’s leading logistics companies turn to Trackmatic as their preferred technology partner because they see things differently, striving to build world class software solutions that enable clients to perfect their business flow and achieve their operational KPIs.

Trackmatic is a pathfinder. They pioneer, collaborate, trailblaze and continuously create technology solutions to solve logistics industry challenges.

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