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Not all phones can be smart and not all people can afford one either:
In a continent where until recently warfare, poverty and disease were the common perceptions, those of lower incomes obviously dominate.
Despite this, economic growth and entrepreneurship is expanding at a prodigious pace across Africa: as technology, education, the opening of previously ”closed” markets and what seems to be a political will to finally develop economies and societies, those of lower income groups now have the money, desire and also need to access cheap forms of communication. In such a environment, the maker of cheap, appealing products has the capacity to become king……


The new Alcatel 30.03 is the successor of the 3000 model and is specifically designed for lower income groups. The device is not a smartphone but still has a keyboard and is designed to look like a blackberry, indeed from afar one cannot tell the difference between the two.
The screen has full color options and a beautiful blue keyboard light that lights up at night.


The phone has no wi-fi or 3G capability but does have GPRS. The phone additionally has a FM radio which is has become almost standard on many non-smarphones these days.
As a means to end, the phone is ideal for those desiring the fashionable style of smart phones but with the old-school simple uses of traditional smartphones. In essence the phone is no frills and no fuss, but will do all the core aspects of a traditional cellphone.


The price is a true miracle though, only R279. At such a cheap price and with its many uses, one can see clearly why this phone would have mass-market appeal to Africa.

Arthur Godlstuck in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
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