Leading digital media agency, Aegis Media had an innovative year in 2011 with the introduction of its Thought Leadership Digibates. The media-marketing industry related debates were streamed online and were conducted by a panel of experts in the industry. Topics of discussion included a focus on the media-marketing sector in Africa and also an in depth review of the Out of Home advertising sector across the continent, including a detailed discussion on the proposed ban on alcohol advertising.

As budgets are tightened, buying decisions become more strategic therefore as many insights as possible have to be presented to clients before contracts are signed. Partnering with Bizcommunity, the objective of the digibates is to share knowledge within the media-marketing sector, glean insights and raise awareness around trends and issues for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Initially Aegis Media wanted to host these debates within a closed group, however an opportunity arose to share the discussions on an online radio platform that reached all corners of the globe. The discussions were then edited and podcast in downloadable format for listeners to digest the insights at their leisure. Adding to the innovation was the opportunity for international senior executives from Aegis Media and Posterscope to join in the conversation and discussion via Skype, which added international flavour to the debate bringing to the table trends affecting Europe and the UK.

The Digibates will be hosted live on a monthly basis on www.ebizradio.com covering a variety of detailed discussions on current issues and trends affecting the media-marketing sector. For previous digibates click to HERE.

Next Digibate – 19 January 2012 – Hosted by Click Thinking

Topics being covered in this next digibate will be:

  • Search Origins – Where did it all begin? Googles dominance – In many consumers minds, search is synonymous with Google – how did Google become so dominant? Where was Microsoft during this period? Why has it been so difficult for challengers to compete?
  • Search Components – PPC, SEO, Natural search – to the ordinary marketer, this can be quite confusing, explain what PPC and SEO are and how they differ? I have heard rumors that SEO is dying, is this true? What is the most expensive paid search term?
  • Common Misconceptions – What are some of the common misconceptions when it comes to search with marketers? International search trends – How important is search within the marketers mix today?What are some of the key trends globally? What are you excited about in 2012? Can we expect any surprises?
  • Local Market – How big is search locally? Why is this significant? What advice would you give marketers today?
  • Looking Ahead – So what can we expect in the next 3 – 5 years? Will someone challenge Google?

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