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Adoption is the act of taking something on as your own. Adoption usually refers to the legal process of becoming a non-biological parent, but it also refers to the act of embracing ideas, habits, or new business ideas and for most of us is something we struggle to embrace.


For a moment stop and think about this……….if we took away all the red tape, the processes and general angst about adoption would you t consider it?  At Orion Organisation NPC we have always done things differently and from the outer left field, as this is the field where we continually strive to create futures for people with disabilities through our provision of professional therapeutic and development services and share our insight with other organisations on a national level, and have been doing this since 1982.

This month we launch our two ADOPTION campaigns on a national level and seek the collaboration of businesses, corporates, and individuals – in fact if you are reading this we would like to work with you in the creation of futures for not only ourselves, but all disabled people.

Hannl Cronje - CEO, Orion Organisation NPC

Hannl Cronje – CEO, Orion Organisation NPC

Fundraising has always being difficult globally and creating concepts that are sustainable and make business sense has always been the way we at Orion Organisation NPC have done things.  We have taken a look at our financial future forecast and worked backwards in creating these two campaigns; namely ADOPT A HOME and ADOPT SOMEONE’S FUTURE and have looked at what we need to do in order to create these futures.

We understand that there are always issues like CSI approvals, budget approvals, return on investment and how much coverage we can gain out of supporting a cause or get a tax deduction or additional business accreditation?  Surely if there are projects you can gain all of the above from, but more importantly be able to see and experience on a daily basis the influence and effects of your “adoption”, then the return on investment is considerable and ticks all the boxes for the “finance and management” team and it will make you feel good about your actions.

Adoption is no longer as difficult as you think, perhaps we have just changed how you feel about adoption or perhaps looking at it from a different perspective – adoption is not always just about adopting a child – consider adopting someone’s future today!

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