The platform was developed for the purpose of offering a FREE platform to people who wanted to go into business; are already in business or working for a company and wanting more information and insight from others to assist them in their development path both personally and from a business perspective.
The more we share, the more we all learn together so we can grow Africa into the economic powerhouse that its destined to be!

We have gathered and continue to gather like minded people who are willing to share their insight via our platform so that you don’t have to go an pay to learn more about business and its varied aspects – you can come to this platform and find what you are looking for, from marketing, retail, business, trends, technology – to mention a few; anything that you may need to grow your business you will find here and if you don’t – then let us know and we will find and share that information and insight with you.

Whilst we carry the word “radio” in our name we are so much more than just an internet business radio station – we also carry articles to go with the audio podcasts that we produce post our live streaming. As we are not all the same – some of us like to read and others like to listen and then there are others who like both – so we offer them both to you.

We have ALSO compressed our podcasts so that when you download them they use as little of your data as possible – as we are very aware that data is costly and we want to minimize costs to you. is a RICH MEDIA PLATFORM CONNECTING THE WORLD OF BUSINESS AND THE BUSINESS OF THE WORLD and to date is the ONLY entity of its kind currently in Africa and has been operating since November 2011 and has the continued potential to unlock/connect/engage organisations/companies/thought leaders on key issues that affect how we do things in the world – from business to social – via a new media digital and audio/video stream platform that has both a live element and an archived element of podcasts that are freely downloadable via the net or mobile device.

You can find us live on the following platforms (other than TuneIn/Tuluntulu/Facebook Live, iTunes Podcast services / Google Play Podcast Services.

We are a totally independent business entity and are in no way connected to any other business organization that may bear a similar or part similar name to ours.  – the place to go if you want to know!

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 If you would like to know more email – [email protected]

Call on –  063 002 5148


As one of the fastest growing business/marketing/insight/entrepreneur platforms in Africa that has both a web portal and an audio stream,   we have both sponsorship and advertising opportunities available.

We have always done things differently and we believe that we should build a relationship with you instead of just having traditional advertising. If you are keen to get involved on our platform please just email [email protected] and let’s start a conversation and see where that takes us.

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Every dream starts with those who believe – so we are eternally grateful to our CATALYSTS;


NetDynamix is a New Media Consultancy Company primarily focused on the Radio and Television Broadcasting Industry in South Africa / Africa, servicing and supporting over 120 Radio Broadcasters in various parts of South Africa and West Africa on a day to day basis to ensure that their services are running at all times.

Our hero’s:

Arthur Goldstuck – World Wide Worx  –  & Dion Chang – FluxTrends –  – who believed in us and have contributed their time and industry knowledge on a weekly basis with our audience.

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