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Self-distancing in business and everyday life has fast become our new reality. How can we or do we as businesses remain relevant, competitive and indeed in business. How do we communicate using a different platform?

What happens when traditional media has no workforce in the office to push the button to play your advertisements, or do your live reads or even share your story across TV channels? Whether from a personal perspective, a national one or global prism, everyone’s life is about to change in a way few have seen, Covid 19 is here, a new reality has been  thrust on all of us.

Not since Spanish flu at the end of World War 1 has an epidemic spread this fast across the globe, Already most of the industrialised world has shut down or is in the process of doing so, with the rest of globe expected to follow suit within the next few weeks as the virus spreads.

Our world is so interconnected in 2020, that the disruptions to business have begun to ripple out, markets across the globe are officially in Bear Territory (on the day of writing this, 16 March) and the JSE is currently down 9 percent.

Many businesses have already re-aligned, with staff working from home where possible. This new reality has been extended to include school closures, the banning of mass gatherings, self-distancing measures by individuals and isolation of the most vulnerable.

In each and every one of these cases, not only are human lives affected, but our already struggling economy takes a further knock.
The GDP numbers are going to be horrifying both locally and internationally, many expect numerous measures by governments and central banks to be enacted in the upcoming days/weeks/months to prop up struggling industries, never mind the extra resources that will need to be injected into health care systems globally.

Nic von Stein – Head of Technology – ebizradio.com

In among all this disruption, online radio, online podcasts and digital media all can have a positive role to play; the isolation measures and banning of public gatherings mean that many more people will be consuming media and entertainment online, whilst business related discussions are more important than ever. As more businesses and even media houses start shutting their offices down getting staff to stay home and where possible work remotely and practice self-distancing.

Online digital audio is perfectly geared for this. Over the years ebizradio.com have been operating remotely and doing all interviews and thought provoking discussions with industry experts, either via the various online platforms or via phones (landline and cellular). No two people are ever together in the same place – they are all sitting elsewhere and connecting using technology.

Unfortunately it has taken such an event to happen, but this new reality will force companies to look at numerous online solutions to the problems presented by isolation. In such an environment, online radio and digital audio media answers many communication and content sharing issues in this country.

Every company is going to have to rapidly adapt to this new situation, as will individuals. You could liken the last 2 weeks and the next few months as a business extinction event, you must adapt to survive!

Stay safe all and remember to wash the hands often!

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