A few questions for Lamelle| #eBizWires | Tony de Baros

  1. Is this your first start up?

Yes – Lamelle Research Laboratories is a biotechnology research company that manufactures products locally for the South African Aesthetic Skin Care market founded by Dr Bradley Wagemaker and Tony De Barros in 2005 and Donald Smith who joined in 2007 as a shareholder and Financial Director.

  1. What gave you the idea?

Lamelle identified a gap in the local skin care market for medically innovative products. There was an opportunity in the Aesthetic market in particular for a good quality and effective medical brand and product offering on both a professional and retail standing.

Lamelle’s core business lies in medical aesthetics, and has diversified into pharmacy; particularly fertility. All of Lamelle Research Laboratories’ products are developed through a rigorous programme of review, research, and meticulous production.Dr Brad Wagemaker and Tony De Barros - Lamelle Co-Founders

  1. How is it doing?

We are seeing success, double digit growth year on year. We attribute this to our consistency of delivery on brand promise and standing by our brand character of evidence-based innovation, which has kept us grounded in our efforts to succeed.  One of the most critical elements is that of constant innovation, sound financial discipline and the management of inventory.

Having the resources, research and innovation behind us allowed us to introduce a number of firsts to the South African market as it relates to skin care.

An excellent source of authority and training provided by a doctor has set us apart from our competitors.

  1. What is our best advice for other entrepreneurs?

Surround yourself with likeminded people who strive to achieve the same goals.  Incorporate a variety of skills sets into your business that are able to contribute to an overall successful business model.  Ensure your strategic elements are sound and ensure a financial strategy and disciplines are in order for a sustainable business model.

Create a solid marketing strategy – define your brand character and stay focused.  This ensures that you don’t become easily distracted from your core goals. Get up, get dressed and show up – be disciplined and behave as if you were working for a boss. Knowledge, and innovation are power – understand your consumer and don’t be distracted by your naysayers or competitors.

  1. Which is your “hero product”?

Dermaheal Range.

Lamelle Research Laboratories was the first to launch Nobel Prize winning nano-encapsulated Recombinant Human Growth Factors which are 100% homologues to human protein in South Africa. Nano-encapsulation allows the delivery mechanism to be more effective to the point of action.

Lamelle Research Laboratories has been working with Nobel Prize Winning Topical Growth Factors as ingredients and perfecting their efficacy since early 2005.

These growth factors are incorporated into the Dermaheal Range of which Dermaheal Intensive Cellular Regeneration Serum is one of the most sought after products on the market when it comes to anti-aging and age-reversal.lamelle1

  1.   Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?

Yes – it is exciting and allows you to control you own destiny and financial independence.

  1.   What is next on your list?

Owner-based channels (OBC) using current innovation into OBC, while ensuring that we deliver our promise of evidenced based innovation and crating confidence in the eyes of our customer.

  1.   Would you say you need a degree to get started?

We do have qualifications but no – a degree is not a requirement.  Clear goals, the right people, products that deliver on their promise and hard work. Make sure you are involved in your business and never give up!


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