7 tips for Entrepreneurs on Networking |#BizEntrepreneur| Banele Rewo

  • Don’t arrive late: Punctuality is a signal that you have your affairs and time management skills in order, remember that first impressions count alot!
  • Ask easy questions: Clearly thought out, concise and to the point questions will show a logical thought process.
  • Ditch the sales pitch: There is a time and place for everything, a networking event is not where you sell you product, its where you sell yourself!
  • Passion over Product: Whilst you may drop the sale pitch, chatting about your product/service in a non-pushy way, but in a style thats also passionate and articulate will greatly help.


  • Smile: Hepatic communication (body language) is actually one of the main ways that humans communicate, even more so than words… A body language that is positive, warm and friendly will be received far better than someone who is negative, slouching etc.
  • Don’t hijack conversations: You are not the only one there to network, others are as well. dominating a conversation when others are trying to express themselves will not go well either for you, your product or your networking experience.
  • Follow up: If someone has taken the time to get to know you and your story, keep in contact, you never know when down the line this may pay off, whether it be by a sale, more networking opportunities or some other unforeseen benefit of the business relationship.


Banele Rewo in conversation with eBizRadio’s Nick Snow
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Banele Rewo is Creative (re)Director of Authentic Creatives. A creative strategy, outdoor media and product placement company specialising in the urban African market. Banele joins us once a week for #eBizEntrepreneur.



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